A Closer Look at Asia
A Closer Look at Asia and the Middle East
Bangladesh Zoo
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built in the
Mount Everest
Rice Paddy Field in Bali
Mountains and volcanoes cover a large area of Asia.  The world's highest mountain range is called the Himalayas. It is a mountain system that
To feed the growing population, rice fields were expanded through deforestation and by farming marginal area. 

The Green Revolution
brought about a
development of stronger strains of rice as
an effort to feed Asia's growing population. 

In Central Asia, the main forms of
agriculture are wheat farming and rearing
animals.  Since Central Asia is dry, water is brought into the region through irrigation, allowing the growth of cotton to take place. 
Thar Desert
The Gobi Desert is the largest desert in Asia. The Gobi Desert is 1,295,000 sq, km, which is 500,000 sq. miles. 
Lang Co Beach, located in Vietnam,
is a resort most
tourists enjoy
The Thar Desert
is also known as
the Great Indian Desert.  It is a large arid region

It stands, in some places, 25 feet tall and ranges from 15 to 30 feet wide.

Many people believe that Emperor Qin Shihuang first built the Great Wall. 
7th century B.C . when China was divided into many small states to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders.
in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. 

The Thar Desert is more than 200,000 sq. km., which is 77,000 sq. miles.   It Asia's third largest desert. 
Sentosa Golf
exciting attractions. 

The Thunder Dolphin is a 260-foot tall coaster constructed with 3,500-foot long steel.   This coaster travels about 81-mph along busy streets, up the side of a building and through a ferris wheel. 

LaQua sets next to the Toyko Dome, baseball field.  It is a part of Dome City in downtown Toyko, Japan. 

Japan's  LaQua
Korakuen Park

LaQua Korakuen Park is a small amusement park
with lots of
Lang Co Beach
The Bangladesh Zoo is also known as Mirpur Zoo. It is located in Mirpur, 20 km. from the center of Dhaka beside the river

Turag. Here you will find lots of exotic animals and birds from Bangladesh as well as other places around the world.  It is also the home of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger.
The Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore is an exclusive
includes over 100 mountains.  One of mountains within this system is known as the world's highest mountain.  This mountain is called Mount Everest.  It is 29,029 feet above sea level and lies in the heartland of Asia. 
The Great Wall is not a continuous wall, but a collection of short walls made of earth and stone.
However, six states of nobility had already built their own wall to stop attacks from each other and the Huns.   
The Qin Dynasty was the first to construct the wall on a grand scale.  The wall constructed by the Ming Dynasty, between 1368 and 1644, is the one that is most known.  It is referred to as the Great Wall. The latest construction of the wall took place during the Ming Dynasty.

If you were to measure all the individual structures and changes to the wall made over the centuries, it is believed the final measurement would total over 50,000 kilometers
It is found in central Asia, mostly in
Mongolia.   The Gobi Desert is the coldest dry desert in Central Asia.  Its temperatures fall below freezing during the winter.  
visiting.  It includes hotels, restaurants, and lots of shopping. 
peaceful oasis for golfing.  It offers lots of greenery and beautiful blue water.
Physical Features
Gobi Desert
Interesting Features
Historical Features
The Sentosa has two of the most scenic, yet challenging golf courses in the region, the Serapong and the Tanjong. 
Below is a brief look at some of the interesting features that Asia has to offer.  Also, to see a list of the nations of Asia, click here.
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa, formerly known as Burj Dubai, is the world's tallest skyscraper, standing at 2,717 feet.  It is used for many types of businesses, which include hotels, residences, restaurants, communications, and others. It is located in the center of downtown Dubai, in United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.
Dubai Mall Is the world's largest shopping mall.  It
is located in Dubai,
United Arab
Emirates in the
Middle East.  Its size is based on its total area, which is equivalent in size to over 50 football fields.  It is made up of over 1,200 stores and other fascinating world-class attractions.
Dubai Mall