Monetary Policy Matching 
Match the terms with their definitions. 
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Money issued by the government for the exchange of goods and services in a particular country.  

Money provided by the government to assist an industry or business.  

The monetary authority of the United States that is responsible for regulating and supervising banking institutions.  

The expressed percentage of money set by the Federal Reserve that a bank must have on hand.  

The government's plan for adjusting its spending and how it will influence the nation's economy.  

An excessive expense above what is considered a basic necessity. 

An expense where the consumer has little control over the amount that is to be paid.  

An expense that varies in the amount that is to be paid.  

When the government spends less money than it collects in taxes.  

When the government spends more money than it collects in taxes.  

a. fiscal policy 

b. reserve ratio

c. fixed expense 

d. subsidy 

e. deficit spending 

f. budget surplus 

g. currency 

h. flexible expense 

i. Federal Reserve Board 

j. luxury expense 

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