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To change or improve an amendment.  

A change or modification made to improve a piece of legislature.  

The amount of money that is spent.   

The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution.   

The amendment that stresses freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press,  freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition. 

The amendment that gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  

The amendment that says that soldiers are not allowed to live in people's homes during times of peace or during times of war except as prescribed by law.  

The amendment that says the government must have a good reason, such as evidence, to conduct a search of someone's personal property.  

The amendment that says any person defending himself (the defendant) has the right to remain silent and cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.  

The amendment that says people have the right to a speedy trial and gives the accused the right to defend himself.  

The amendment that says the accused has the right to a trial by a jury of his own peers.   

The amendment that prohibits the courts from imposing excessive bails or fines upon the defendant.  

The amendment that says any right not mentioned is protect by the United States Constitution.  

The amendment that says any right not under the Federal Government is automatically under the State Government or given to the people.  

a. Fifth Amendment 

b. Second Amendment 

c. Seventh Amendment 

d. amendment 

e. Fourth Amendment 

f. Tenth Amendment 

g. Bill of Rights

h. Ninth Amendment 

i.  First Amendment 

j.  Sixth Amendment 

k. reform 

l.  Eight Amendment 

m. Third Amendment 

n. expenditure

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