The Dark and the Middle Ages Matching 
Match the terms with their definitions. 
Name ____________________________

Date _____________________________
A German inventor who invented the printing press in the 1440s.  

A Norwegian navigator who discovered Newfoundland in eastern Canada in 1000. 

An Italian explorer who rediscovered eastern Canada as well as found a great place for fishing in 1497. 

A Spanish explorer who conquered Puerto Rico in 1508 and later discovered Florida in 1513.   

A Florentine, born in 1452, who was a sculptor, a painter, a musician, and an engineer.

An Italian explorer, who received funding from the monarchs of Spain in 1492, took three ships across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the Bahamas.

a. Christopher Columbus 

b. John Cabot 

c. Johannes Gutenberg 

d. Juan Ponce de Leon 

e. Leonardo da Vinci 

f. Leif Erikson

1. ____

2. ____

3. ____

4. ____ 

5. ____

6. ____