About Us—A Closer Look!

Children enjoy exploring the world around them. That is how they learn and grow. However, not all children learn at the same pace or in the same way. The five senses play an important role in how children take in information. 

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Hearing

​When children play an active role in learning, the chance of their retaining information is greater. 

A Solution to the Problem
MyStudyBuddy.com is a carefully formulated program that produces academic success by providing proven one-on-one study help.  

At a glance, we may appear to be just an online homework help service. But we do a lot more. Our program helps children take an active part in their studies by giving additional practice where extra help is needed and motivating them along the way. 

Our program contains topics that children are learning in class. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand way to make studying less stressful and comprehension more obtainable. 

We believe that if children have the necessary tools to help them study, they 
will have success in learning. For this reason, we offer in-depth tutorials that break through the barriers of confusion. Plus, our hands-on study tips help children stay focused. 
A Study Plan 
​Every goal for success begins with an organized plan. MyStudyBuddy.com provides that plan. 

We know that children's time after school is limited, whether it be after-school activities, homework, family time, or personal time. 

That is why our Exam Help has a personalized study plan to promote organizational skills and help children get the most out of their study time.
How Most Children Learn
The Problem Many Children Face
Today, teachers incorporate more flexible teaching methods to create a less rigid learning environment. Classroom ratios are smaller, and children feel more at ease to participate and ask questions. The result is better academic performance.
​However, even in an ideal classroom setting, some children struggle to stay focused, follow instructions, or understand the material.

These children may shy away from asking for help for fear of being the center of attention or being teased by their peers. Such scenarios tend to create anxiety for children and force them to put up walls of defense, which block the help they are trying to receive. 

Eventually, these children fall behind or struggle to keep up.
Math Tutorials
Social Studies
Language Arts Tutorials
Hands-On Study Tools
Printable Worksheets and Forms
Progress Charts
MyStudyBuddy.com math tutorials range from basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to trigonometric ratios. Children will find our complete list of math tutorials in our List of Topics. 

Our basic math operation tutorials include two parts—A Closer Look and Extra Study Help. 

For example, A Closer Look covers addition and each part of the fact family. It also shows how to add single and double-digit addends. 

Our Extra Study Help covers addition pairs, a hands-on study tip for adding addition pairs, the number line, place value, estimating, and the 81 Addition Facts.

Our Lessons section contains three lessons that give practice adding single-digit, double-digit, triple-digit, and addends in a column. The lessons require answers from multiple-choice drop-down menus and answer boxes. 

Math tutorials include links for lessons, the answer key, and the quiz. A link is also available to guide children back to the Math Homepage, where they will find other topics.  

For topics in algebra, step-by-step answer keys show children how to solve the more complex problems. Plus, our geometry and trigonometric ratio tutorials include formula sheets and a chart showing sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.

Our reading section is an extension of language arts. This section offers flashcards for essential terms and definitions as well as printable worksheets and online quizzes. 

For children who want to enhance their reading skills, we have a printable book chart that allows them to keep track of how many books they have read. 

Our Exam Help section includes suggestions for improving reading comprehension skills. 

A complete list of our reading topics is found in the List of Topics and on the Reading Homepage. 

MyStudyBuddy.com language arts tutorials include the eight parts of speech as well as other necessary topics for building sentences. Children will find a complete list of language arts topics in the List of Topics. 

Our language arts tutorials provide examples of how to use a noun as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, and an object of a preposition. Also, we cover verbs and how to use each verb tense. 

We have included tools to help enhance writing skills. For younger children, we have printable ruled penmanship paper to strengthen manuscript and cursive writing skills.

Our Essay Writing template makes it easy for older children to practice their essay writing skills and to organize their thoughts. 

Language arts tutorials include links for lessons, the answer key, and the quiz. A link is also available to guide children back to the Language Arts Homepage, where they will find other topics.

​Our social studies section also offers flashcards for essential terms and definitions as well as printable worksheets and online quizzes. 

For children who want to learn more about the seven continents, we have included colorful political maps. These maps show a list of countries, capitals, dependencies, and territories of the world.  

For practice labeling countries, printable worksheets of blank political maps may be found in the Extra Tools section along with flashcards and a quiz to help children learn the United States capitals. 

Our Exam Help includes suggestions for learning the names and dates of important events, which occurred in our nation and around the world. 

A complete list of our social studies topics is found in the List of Topics and on the Social Studies Homepage. 
​​As with reading and social studies, our science section offers flashcards for essential terms and definitions as well as printable worksheets and online quizzes. 

For a more in-depth look at science, our Exam Help includes suggestions for understanding cause and effect and how to grasp the meaning of scientific terms using memory devices. 

For practice identifying the parts of a human skeletal system, a labeled printable worksheet and a blank printable worksheet along with a quiz are found in the Extra Tools
section. These worksheets help with identifying and spelling parts of the human skeletal system. 

A complete list of our science topics is found in the List of Topics and on the Science Homepage. 
​​Even though we are an online homework help program, we have created printable worksheets, which are printer-friendly and do not require downloading—just click and print. 

Below are just a few of  the printable forms we offer: 

  • Weekly Study Plan 
  • Student Grade Sheet
  • Report Card
Because not all children learn the same way, we offer guides to those who prefer a hands-on approach to studying. 

We have guides for learning terms and definitions, the United States capitals, study questions, and foreign language vocabulary.

These guides do not require any technology—just creativity and imagination. The goal is to make studying fun and less time-consuming.

MyStudyBuddy.com has the following progress charts: 

  • Personalized Progress Charts
  • Progress Charts

Personalized Progress Charts show children's names automatically printed on their chart. After printing their charts, children may write their quiz score and date in the spaces provided. 

Progress Charts allow children to write their name, quiz score, and date in the spaces provided. 

Personalized Progress Charts are available for individuals with a monthly or annual membership. 

Progress Charts are available for groups that share an account such as, members of a household, a school, a daycare, and so forth. 

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