Answers to Study Questions
Here is a great way to make studying the answers to study questions easy and fun. To return to Extra Toolsclick here
Pretend you are a contestant on a game show.   Every question you answer correctly is worth 25 points, or whichever amount you prefer. 

Cut strips of paper for each question you have to study. Write the questions on the front and the answers on the back.  

As the game show host, you will read the questions aloud. As the contestant, you will have no more than 30 seconds to answer. 

Use a stopwatch or sand timer hourglass if one is available.  

The questions can be multiple choice or fill in the blank.  Use whichever
form works best for you.  If you use multiple choice, try throwing in some funny or ridiculous choices to make the study process fun.

For every question you answer correctly, you will receive the designated amount of points.  Also, if you answer the question before the time is up, give yourself an extra 10 points.   

Save your most challenging questions for the Bonus Round where points are doubled, or tripled.  

Set a goal for how many points it will take to win the game. You decide
what your reward will be. 

This suggestion works best with two people. However, it may be just as 
fun and effective with one. 

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