Here is a great way to make studying foreign language vocabulary words easy and fun.  To return to Extra Toolsclick here
Foreign Language Vocabulary 
Create a game board using 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of typing paper or stock paper. Write all the vocabulary words you are studying in each box as shown above. 

Create 2 x 3 inch calling cards by writing the English translation of that word on the front and the Spanish counterpart on the back. Write FREE SPACE on only three of the cards.

Cut the following one square inch game tabs using construction paper:

  • 20 blue
  • 20 green
  • 5 red

Mix up all of your calling cards with the English side up and place them in a stack to the right of your game board and your one square inch game tabs on the left side.

The game begins: 

Pull a calling card from the stack and read the English word aloud. Next, search for the Spanish counterpart on the game board. If you find it, place a blue tab over the word. 

Turn over your calling card. If the word you have chosen matches the Spanish counterpart on the back, the blue tab stays. If not, 
place a green tab over the correct word and pull another calling card.

If you pull a FREE SPACE calling card, place a red tab over  
whichever FREE SPACE you choose.

The game continues until you get either three tabs horizontally,  
or seven tabs vertically. When that happens, say HOLA!

If there is a green tab in any of the rows, the game continues.  
This game works well for all foreign languages and may be played as the following:

  • a single player
  • friends who are studying the same list of words
  • family members who are interested in learning foreign language vocabulary

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