Write all the terms you need to study on strips of 3 inch x 1 inch paper. Write their definitions on a separate sheet of paper.  Cut the definitions 
into individual strips. 

Flip the terms and definitions over and number the back of each strip as shown below.  
Below is a great way to make studying terms and definitions easy and fun.  To return to Extra Toolsclick here
Terms and Definitions 
Once you have finished, place all the terms face up in a row on the left side. 

Mix up your pile of definitions and place them face up in a row on the right     side. 

Pull 3 - 5 terms and their corresponding definitions from the pile        
(depending on the length of your list).

The goal is to match the definitions with their corresponding terms.  

When you are finished, turn the terms and definitions over.  If the numbers on the back match, you are correct.  Add 3 - 4  new terms and definitions to your group.  Do this step repeatedly until you have successfully matched the entire list.  

For more of a challenge, try it again. But this time, set a timer for three minutes or less. Decrease the amount of time for each round to improve your speed. 
Extra Tools