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United States Capitals
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Cut 50 (3 x 1 inch) strips using red and blue construction paper (any two colors will do). 
Use a black marker to write the names of the states on the blue strips and the names of the capitals on the red strips  
Make sure that the states are properly aligned with their capitals.  
Flip the strips over and number each from 1 - 50 as shown below.  For example, Alabama and Montgomery will show 1 on the back of their strips, and so on.
Put all the states in one pile and all the capitals face up in another pile. Choose 5 - 6 states and their corresponding capitals to begin.  Mix up both piles. 
The goal is to match the states with their corresponding capitals. 
Try finding the states and capitals on a map as you go along.  This will show you  where the states are located as well as let you see the names of their capitals.  Remember, state capitals are usually shown beside a small black star.  
Once you have finished, flip the strips over. If the numbers on the backs match, you are correct.  Add 5 - 6 more strips until you have successfully mastered all 50 states. 
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