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Police departments, libraries, schools, and issuing driver's licenses are some of the responsibilities of the state government. 

Declaring war, making treaties with other nations, and providing postal service are some of the responsibilities of the federal government.

Additional Facts: 
an agreement between President Thomas Jefferson and France that allowed the United states to purchase fifteen states and two Canadian provinces for $15 million​

United States Constitution​

the foundation on which the United States government has been built for over 200 years

​Andrew Jackson
​these two were appointed by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly acquired land that was purchased from France

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ​

​an official pardon, usually for people who have been convicted of political offenses


a package of five bills that defused a four-year confrontation between slave states and the free states regarding the territory acquired during the Mexican-American War​

Mexican-American War ​

the war between America and Mexico in a dispute over the boundary of Texas​

​The Preamble
​the brief introductory statement of the United States Constitution's fundamental purposes and guiding principles

​Manifest Destiny
the belief, under President James K. Polk's administration, that America was destined to expand across the entire continent​

Compromise of 1850​

The ​Louisiana Purchase
the 7th president of the United States, who represented the rights of the people and opposed the establishment of the national bank​
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