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The Roman civilization used their military strength to fight off invaders and acquire land for their empire.

The Egyptians used hieroglyphics to record their history.

The first major citizen participation in government occurred in Athens.

The Greeks and the Romans had the largest impact on the world's
cultural development. 
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Additional Facts:

a sudden overthrow of government usually by a small military group​

coup d'etat
the system of government in Roman culture where only the wealthy and well respected were allowed to vote and hold office​

organized games in Greek culture that improved physical fitness and endurance​

Olympic Games

an Egyptian ruler​


a slab of black stone that contains two languages (Egyptian and Greek) written in three different scripts

Rosetta Stone
symbolic picture writing

an ancient civilization that was known for its brilliance and elaborate temples​


an ancient civilization that settled in what is now known as Iran

an ancient civilization that was known for their agriculture and settled in the lower part of Iraq​


​an ancient civilization of great sailors and navigators that left their alphabet to the western world


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