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The United States Congress has the authority to declare war. 

The Supreme Court is made up of nine judges who are appointed for life by the president of the United States.
Additional Facts: 

a legislative body with two chambers or houses​


the individually listed powers given to a small office by a larger office in terms of making decisions​

delegated powers

the resolution of a dispute made by a judge or committee​


a constitutional guarantee that everyone is entitled to fairness in all legal matters

due process of law

an elected head official of a state of the United States​

​requires that suspects are informed of their rights before being interrogated

Miranda rule

​strong supporter of a party or cause


a general opinion or position reached by an entire group​

a court decision that is cited as an example and used for questions of law in future cases


dividing political powers among the branch of government​

separation of powers

​a process where evidence is examined in a court of law


​a legislative body with one house or chamber


​an official count of the nation's population every ten years


​the branch of office that makes laws



the branch of office that interprets laws​


the number of years a Senator serves in one term​


​the number of years a member of the House of Representatives serves in one term


the branch of office that enforces the law
the powers given to Congress to pass laws necessary and proper for carrying out the list of items in the United States Constitution​

elastic clause

the process where Congress can still pass a bill by two-thirds of a vote

overriding a veto

​the Supreme Court decision that helped define the boundary between the executive and judicial branch of American government

Marbury v. Madison

the number of years the President serves in one term

four years for a maximum of two terms ​

power officially given of one governmental branch or department to reject a bill passed by a legislative body

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