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​1. Which of the following groups of people taught the settlers how to plant corn? 

a.  the colonists
b.  the Pilgrims
c.  the Native Americans 

2. In the fall of ___________, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving.

a.  1620
b.  1621 
c.  1624

3. Why did the early settlers come to America?

a.  religion and politics
b.  economics
c.  all of the above 

4. _______________ wrote the pamphlet called "Common Sense", which explained why separation from Great Britain was necessary. 

a.  Thomas Edison
b.  Thomas Jefferson
c.  Thomas Paine 

5. The Revolutionary War ended when the British army was surrounded by American troops and the French at ___________.

a.  Waterloo
b.  Yorktown
c.  Pearl Harbor

6. The document that announced America's independence from Great Britain was called the _____________________ .

a.  Declaration of Independence 
b.  Treaty of Paris
c.  Treaty of Versailles

7. The ________________ required that all legal documents had to carry the British stamp paid with a tax by the American colonists.

a.  Stamp Act 
b.  Townshend Acts
c.  Intolerable Acts

8. The ______________ were the laws that the British Parliament used to punish the American colonists for protesting.  

a.  Stamp Act
b.  Townshend Acts
c.  Intolerable Acts 

9. The _________________ occurred when colonists protested to paying taxes by throwing tea into the Boston Harbor.

a.  Intolerable Acts
b.  Boston Tea Party 
c.  Townshend Acts

10. The political organization during President George Washington's term that favored a strong government and was loosely based on the U.S. Constitution is called the _____________.

a.  Federalist Party 
b.  Anti-Federalist Party
c.  Separatist Party

11. The war where the thirteen colonies fought for independence against Great Britain was called ____________.  

a.  World War I
b.  the Civil War
c.  the Revolutionary War 

12. The __________ were well-prepared militia from Massachusetts, who fought against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.

a.  minutemen
b.  Federalist Party
c.  Knights of Labor

13. The ____________________ was a series of acts passed by Great Britain Parliament to collect revenue from colonists by putting taxes on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea.

a.  Townshend Acts
b.  Stamp Act
c.  Intolerable Acts

14. The ______________ required colonists to provide temporary shelter and supplies for British troops.  

a.  Stamp Act
b.  Intolerable Acts
c.  Quartering Act 

15. Which of the following means love and sacrifice for one's country?

a.  dedication
b.  patriotism 
c.  nationalism

16. The __________________ established a government for the Northwest Territory, outlined the process for admitting a new state into the Union, and guaranteed that newly created states would be equal to the original thirteen states.

a.  Treaty of Versailles
b.  Northwest Ordinance of 1787 
c.  Louisiana Purchase

17. Which of the following means a group of emigrants who settles in a foreign territory but remains subject to the parent country?

a.  ethnic group
b.  subculture
c.  colony 
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  Colonization of Early Settlers - Quiz