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​1. How did the Stone Age get its name?

a. People used stones to build homes.
b. Evidence showed that early humans used stone tools. 
c. That was the only name they could think to call it.

2. Which tools were created during the Stone Age?

a. axes, hammers, knives, spear points, and scrapers 
b. power drills, axes, chisels, hammers, and glue guns
c. screwdrivers, spears, electric chain saw, hammers, and axes

3. Why were the early humans called nomads?

a. They liked seeing the sights.
b. They did not like living in one place for too long.
c. They were in search of food, water, and grazing land for their livestock. 

4. Which of the following best describes bartering?

a. the exchanging of stone tools
b. trading goods and services without the exchange of money 
c. interacting with other civilizations

5. The ancient remains of an object made by human beings and discovered during an archaeological excavation is a called a(n) ___________.

a. exploration
b. artifact 
c. specimen

6. An animal with two legs or feet is called ___________.

a. bipedal 
b. bipartisan
c. bicameral

7. An animal that eats other animals is called __________. 

a. herbivorous
b. carnivorous 
c. omnivorous

8. An animal that eats both plants and animals is called ___________.

a. carnivorous
b. herbivorous
c. omnivorous 

9. An animal that eats grass or plants is called _____________. 

a. carnivorous
b. herbivorous 
c. omnivorous

10. Treeless plains found near the Arctic region of North America, Europe, and Asia that have permanently frozen subsoil is called __________. 

a. deforestation
b. frozen zone
c tundra 

11. Which of the following describes very hot and humid regions near the equator?

a. tundra
b. tropical 
c. seasonal

12. The gradual process of adapting to one's environment in order to survive is called ________________. 

a. natural selection 
b. revolving
c. reformation

13. The external factors that influence the growth and development of people, animals, and plants is called ___________. 

a. urbanization
b. environment 
c. natural selection
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  Early Humanity - Quiz