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The euro makes it easier to transfer funds from country to country.

Today, society accepts money as a way to pay for goods and services.
Additional Facts: 
​money provided by the government to assist an industry or business

​the monetary authority of the United States that is responsible for regulating and supervising banking institutions


Federal Reserve Board​

​the expressed percentage of money set by the Federal Reserve that a bank must have on hand

​reserve ratio
the government's plan for adjusting its spending and how it will influence the nation's economy​

​an expense that a consumer can live without

​fiscal policy

luxury expense​

​an expense where the consumer has little control over the amount that is to be paid

fixed expense​

an expense that varies in the amount that is to be paid​

​when the government spends less money than it collects in taxes

​flexible expense

budget surplus​

​when the government spends more money than it collects in taxes

deficit spending​

​a system of money issued by the government and used in a particular country


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