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A candidate must receive a total of 270 electoral votes to win a presidential election.

Public officials have a responsibility to their constituency (people who live in an electoral district and are registered to vote).

a meeting of the members of a legislative body who nominates a candidate for a political office or decides policy​

a tactic that prolongs speech making to delay legislative actions​



a political party that believes in complete liberty and personal freedom​

​Libertarian Party
the idea that encourages one's freedom to exercise social or group rights in the political process​

​a political belief that supports the rights of the common people in their struggle against the privileged elite

​political freedom

​laws and decisions made by government that reflect positions and attitudes of the public as a whole

public policy​

​a group that influences the course of action government takes by electing a candidate for office

​the political party that favors a government based on equal representation for the majority of the people

​political party

Democratic Party​

​the political party that favors a government that encourages individual free enterprise as well as a strong national defense

​Republican Party
people who share a common goal and help persuade legislation to pass certain laws

a preliminary election that allows voters to choose a candidate for office​

interest group​

​Primary election

publicly announced goals and principles that a political candidate intends to keep upon winning an election.​

committees that contribute financially for the purpose of electing a candidate for office or influence legislation to take a particular course of action.​

​a vote from the people to approve or reject an act made by legislature

​Political Action Committee or PAC


​an administrative system that relies on a set of standardized rules and procedures to conduct business

​the agreement of two political parties.

Bipartisan ​

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