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​1. Which choice best describes the Protestant Reformation?

a.  It created change between England and France.
b.  It was the separation of the Protestant Church from the Roman Catholic Church. 
c.  It formed new classes among the people of England.

2. The Age of Enlightenment brought about an interest in _____________.

a.  social welfare
b.  art and literature
c.  science and technology 

3. _______________ was a German monk who made ninety-five complaints against the Catholic Church.

a.  Phillip II
b.  Martin Luther 
c.  King Henry VIII

4. ______________ was the first daughter of Henry VIII who inherited the throne.

a.  Elizabeth
b.  Mary Tudor
c.  Marie Antoinette

5. _________________ was the King of Spain who ruled as an absolute monarch.

a.  Phillip II 
b.  King Henry VIII
c.  John Locke

6. _____________ was an English philosopher whose political theories affected the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

a.  William Harvey
b.  Michael Romanov
c.  John Locke 

7. ________________ was the Russian tsar who set out to modernize Russia.

a.  Peter the Great
b.  Anton van Leewenhoek
c.  Napoleon Bonaparte

8. __________________ was the Dutch scientist who discovered microorganisms using a microscope.

a.   Anton van Leewenhoek 
b.   John Locke
c.   William Harvey

9. Which of the following is a system of government where the head of state is an individual ruler who achieves such a position through heredity?

a.  anarchy
b.  monarchy 
c.  oligarchy

10. A(n) _____________ is a government controlled by a small group, often for their own purposes.

a.  hierarchy
b.  monarchy
c.  oligarchy

11. The absence of any system of government in a society is called ____________.

a.  totalitarian
b.  oligarchy
c.  anarchy

12. A system of democratic government where the executive branch obtains its legitimacy through the legislative parliament is called ______________. 

a.  oligarchy
b.  socialism
c.  parliamentary 
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  Post Enlightenment - Quiz