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1. The period of time that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire was called the Dark Ages because __________.

a.  it was a time when art, literature, and architecture no longer flourished 
b.  it was the time before electricity was invented
c.  it was the time when people had no knowledge of anything important

2. What was the feudal system?

a.  It was a time when people feuded constantly.
b.  It was a social order where the king owned all of the land and leased out a part of it to his subjects in exchange for their loyalty.
c.  It was a code of honor between the knights.

3. The Magna Carta was a document that ___________________.

a.  limited the powers of the monarchy and protected the rights of the people 
b.  separated landowners from those who had no land
c.  allowed only the nobles to read and write

4. __________________ was a German engraver who invented the printing press in the 1440s.

a.  Christopher Columbus
b.  Johannes Gutenberg 
c.  Henry II

5. ________________ was a Norwegian navigator who discovered Newfoundland in 1000. 

a.  John Cabot
b.  Juan Ponce de Leon
c.  Leif Ericson 

6. ___________________ was an Italian explorer who rediscovered the eastern shores of Canada in 1497.

a.  Christopher Columbus
b.  John Cabot 
c.  Leonardo da Vinci

7. _______________________ was a Spanish explorer who conquered Puerto Rico in 1508-1509 and discovered Florida in 1513.

a.  Amerigo Vespucci
b.  Michelangelo
c.  Juan Ponce de Leon

8. ______________________ was a Florentine artist, engineer, musician, and scientist during the Renaissance period. 

a.  Christopher Columbus
b.  Michelangelo
c.  Leonardo da Vinci 

9. ______________ was an Italian explorer who received funding from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain in 1492 to take three ships across the Atlantic Ocean.

a.  Christopher Columbus 
b.  John Cabot
c.  Leif Ericson

10. A(n)___________ is a military expedition undertaken by European Christians during the 11th through 13th century to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims.

a.  revolt
b.  crusade 
c.  excursion
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  The Dark and the Middle Ages - Quiz