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1. Wide elevated areas of land with flat surfaces are known as ____________.

a.  mountains
b.  hills
c.  plateaus 

2. Rocky areas of land that are higher and steeper than hills are known as ______________.

a.  highlands
b.  mountains 
c.  hills

3. Elevations of land that are not as high as mountains and have rounded tops are known as_____________.

a.  hills 
b.  mountains
c.  highlands

4. The baseline used to determine the height of elevation is _______________.

a.  the bottom of the ocean
b.  the ground
c.  sea level 

5. Which of the following best describes the weather in the Great Plains throughout the year? 

a.  warm, dry summers and cold, rainy winters
b.  hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters
c.  warm, rainy summers and cold, dry winters

6. Which one of the following regions would be more populated? 

a.  the grassy plains
b.  the mountains
c.  the desert

7. On a contour map, the closer together the contour lines, the steeper the incline.

a.  True 
b.  False

8. Mountains are often snow-capped because at the higher altitudes there is less moisture. 

a.  True 
b.  False

9. The Great Plains consists of which of the following areas of land?

a.  north of the Rio Grande and south of the Great Lakes
b.  east of the Grand Canyon and west of Appalachian Mountains
c.  east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Mississippi River

10. The study of natural and man-made features on a chart or map is called ____________.

a.  geology
b.  biology
c.  topography 

11. A rise in land above sea level is called ________. 

a.  slope
b.  height
c.  elevation 

12. A map that shows land configuration with contour lines, shading, and colors is called a _________. 

a.  special features map
b.  relief map 
c.  geographical map

13. Low area of land between hills and mountains where rivers and streams are usually found is called a _______. 

a.  delta
b.  plateau
c.  valley 

14. A satellite system that tracks position, navigation, and timing is called a(n) _________. 

b.  Global Positioning System (GPS) 
c.  Sputnik

15. Large region of flat treeless land is called a(n) __________. 

a.  plain
b.  desert
c.  plateau

16. The solid rocky crust of the earth is called the __________. 

a.  stratosphere
b.  lithosphere 
c.  atmosphere

17. All of the bodies of water on the earth's surface is called the __________.

a.  troposphere
b.  hydrosphere
c.  lithosphere
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  Topography - Quiz