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1. The ______________dropped a bomb on a United States naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

a.  German Air Force
b.  Italian Air Force
c.  Japanese Air Force

2. _____________ was the German philosopher who wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1948.

a.  Johannes Gutenberg
b.  Vladimir Lenin
c.  Karl Marx

3. Which of the following is the name for Germany's attack or lightning war on Poland on September 1, 1939?

a.  blitzkrieg
b.  ambush
c.  sabotage

4. A country's desire to have political independence from the domination of another country is called _____________.

a.  nationalism
b.  federalism
c.  democracy

5. Absolute power of one person is called _____________.

a.  communism
b.  fascism
c.  dictatorship

6. Which of the following is a political system where all of the property and wealth is shared equally by all of the members of that society?

a.  communism
b.  fascism
c.  dictatorship

7. Which of the following is a system of government that is led by a dictator and is often oppressive?

a.  socialism
b.  fascism
c.  communism

8. What name was given to the alliance of nations that worked together to settle their disputes peacefully?

a.  Alliance of Nations
b.  League of Alliance
c.  League of Nations

9. The ______________ was the extreme economic slump that America and Europe experienced when people suffered devastating financial hardship.

a.  Great Recession
b.  Great Depression 
c.  Great Economic Recline

10. What is the name of the period of time when nations tried to maintain military strength to avoid invasion?

a.  the Renaissance Period
b.  the Cold War 
c.  the Period of Enlightenment

11. Genocide is the extermination of an ethnic group or nation.

a.  True 
b.  False

12. A(n) ___________ a cruel or oppressive ruler who exercises absolute power without authority.

a.  emperor
b.  dictator
c.  tyrant 

13. Which of the following means to reach an agreement or compromise through discussion?

a.  deliberate
b.  negotiate
c.  correspond

14. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, formed new programs called __________________, which brought relief to people facing economic hardships caused by the Great Depression. 

a.  the New Deal 
b.  the Reformation
c.  the Patriot Act
Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  World War II - Quiz