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​1. _______________ became Prime Minister and leader of Italy and leader of the National Fascist Party from 1922 to 1943. He invaded Ethiopia in 1935.  

a.  Josef Stalin
b.  Benito Mussolini 
c.  Karl Marx

2. ________________ tried to industrialize the nation and became sole dictator of the Soviet Union.

a.  Josef Stalin 
b.  Karl Marx
c.  Vladimir Lenin

3. Which one of the following countries were allies of Germany during World War I?

a.  Italy and Japan
b.  Austria-Hungary 
c.  Belgium and China

4. t is a campaign that gives false or biased information to influence the attitudes of people.

a.  scandals
b.  gossip
c.  propaganda 

5. Which of the following countries suffered great financial lost as a result of World War I?

a.  Germany
b.  Italy
c.  Russia

6. What is the name of the agreement that ended the war and required Germany to dissolve its standing army?

a.  Treaty of Paris
b.  Treaty of Germany
c.  Treaty of Versailles 

7. Which of the following means absolute power?  

a.  totalitarian - 
b.  democracy
c.  monarchy

8. _______________ was the Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician who led the Bolsheviks into power in 1917.

a.  Karl Marx
b.  Vladimir Lenin 
c.  Josef Stalin

9. What was the period of time after World War I when people enjoyed good times and prosperity called?

a.  the Fascinating Fifties
b.  the Roaring Twenties 
c.  the Swinging Thirties

10. Women demonstrating for the right to vote during 1913 was called ______________.

a.  the New Deal
b.  prohibition
c.  suffrage 

11. Which of the following is the amendment of the United States Constitution that prohibits the manufacturing, sale, and use of alcohol?

a.  The Sixteenth Amendment
b.  The Seventeenth Amendment
c.  The Eighteenth Amendment 

12. Which of the following is the strict and literal adherence to a set of beliefs and principles?

a.  socialism
b.  optimism
c.  fundamentalism 

13. A(n) ______________ is an agreement between countries.

a.  contract
b.  settlement
c.  treaty 

Select the correct answer for each question from the choices given. When you have completed your quiz, check your answers. 

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Social Studies:  World War I - Quiz