Language Arts:  Active and Passive Voice - Lessons
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Lesson (A)

Change the following sentences to the passive voice.  Type your answers in
the spaces provided. 
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Lesson (B)

Change the following sentences to the active voice.  Type your answers in the spaces provided.
Lesson (C)

Identify whether the following sentences are in active voice or passive voice.  Then type each sentence's opposite voice in the spaces provided. 
1.  Dave gave Zoe a bouquet of flowers. 

2.  Mary vacuumed the floor. 

3.  Ace Private Investigator's Squad solved the case.

4.  Chuck made the winning touchdown in last night's game.

5.  George took a picture of the snow-capped mountains. 

1.  The animals at the zoo were seen by the children. 

2.  The rare coin was found by the girl on the beach. 

3.  Sharon washed the car.

4.  John gave an excellent motivational speech.

5.  The pizza rolls were eaten by the hungry teens. 

1.  The yard was raked by Dan. 

2.  A new puppy was bought by Anna. 

3.  The gift Debbie received was from Troy.

4.  The curtains were hung by Laura's dad.

5.  David was given a certificate for bravery from the Sun Valley Fire

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