Language Arts:  Predicates - Lessons
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Lesson (A)

Type the predicates in the spaces provided.    
Lesson (B)

Type the predicates in the spaces provided. 
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1.  The chef's chicken parmesan was a culinary delight.

2.   Oscar drove his friends to Chicago for the game.

3.  Thousands of fliers were lying on the sidewalk. 

4.  The crates of lettuce fell off the back of the truck.

5.  The students passed their exams with flying colors.

6.  The answer to the question was simple.
1.  The ball rolled underneath the truck.

2.   Amy made a souffle for dinner.

3.   The cat pawed the ball of yarn playfully.

4.   I like to see the rare and exotic birds at the zoo. 

5.   Jaimee has been working at the salon for fourteen years. 

6.   Bill did not get to the train station in time. 
Lesson (C)

Type the predicates in the spaces provided.  
1.   Dave and his friends enjoy white-water rafting in Brazil.

2.   Paul made a little over minimum wage on his first job.

3.   Samantha helps her dad work on cars at the garage.

4.   I saw a bull charging through the streets of downtown.

5.   The asking price for the car was too high.

6.   Aaron has seen that movie twelve times. 
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