Language Arts:  Adverbs - Lessons
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Lesson A

Select the correct adverb for each sentence from the choices given. Type your answers in the spaces provided. 
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1.  The dog barked (loud, loudly) last night.

2.  Sean drove (careless, carelessly) around the parking lot.
3.  The squirrel scampered (playfully, playful) across the desk.
4.  He placed the lamp (secure, securely) on the shelf.

5.  The children played (happily, happy) together.

6.  Sam climbed (bravely, brave) up the mountain.
Lesson B

Identify the adverb(s) in the following sentences. Type your answers in the spaces provided.
1.  We had no idea that the package would arrive so quickly.
2.  The music blared loudly from the speakers. 

3.  Mona worked busily around the house.

4.  The boy fell clumsily to the floor.

5.  Charlie did well on his driver's exam.

6.  They seldom come to visit anymore.

7.  I am rather tired today. 
Lesson C

Select the correct word from each drop-down menu.  If you choose well, type adverb in the spaces provided.  If you choose good, type adjective in the spaces provided. 
She did _________ on the driver's exam.

Bob has always set a _________ example for his little           

Herb was not feeling _________ today.

Stan plays golf _________ .

It was a _________ night for taking a stroll.

Karen is a _________ chef who cooks _________.


We need a _________ plan to evacuate the town.

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