Language Arts:  Conjunctions - Lessons
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Lesson (A)

Type the coordinating conjunctions in the spaces provided. 
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Lesson (B)

Type the correlative conjunctions in the spaces provided. 
Lesson (C)

Type the subordinating conjunctions in the spaces provided. For another look at subordinating conjunctions, click here.
1.  Barry and Frannie are going to Fort Lauderdale for the summer.   

2.  The comforters were on sale, but the quilts were regular price. 

3.  Helen left for work early, yet she arrived late.    

4.  Todd wanted to buy a new video game, so he saved his money.

5.  The tomatoes nor the carrots were prepared for the salad. 

6.   Dave missed his exam, for he overslept.
Neither the appetizers nor the main course was satisfying. 

Jenna will spend the weekend either studying or sleeping. 

Harold visited both the museums and the theatres. 

Not only did we miss the ceremony but we also missed the

Dora could not decide whether to order the Chicken Parmesan
or the Fettuccine Alfredo.

The stores stayed open an hour later since it was during the
holiday season. 

As long as the weather is nice, the children can play outside. 

Even though the prices have increased, the park's attendance
has continued to rise. 

The audience cheered wildly while the band performed. 

Just as they were leaving home, it began to rain. 

Kelly's flight was delayed because it was snowing.

Although Fred made extra sandwiches, he did not have enough
to feed his hungry guests. 
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