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Direct Object
Object of a Preposition
The direct object is not the subject of the sentence.   A direct object receives the action from the verb.  A direct object asks who or what of the verb.  It can be a noun or a noun phrase.
The object of a preposition is the noun that finishes the prepositional phrase.
Indirect Object
The indirect object is the receiver of the direct object.  Sentences that have an indirect object also have a direct object.

Indirect Objects can be made up of:
Sentence Structure
by the way it appears in a sentence.
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This section will cover the fundamentals and rules for objects and how they are used.

Mom baked a pie.

Sam played tennis.

He read the book.

Edna bought a new car

Dale saw Pam waving through the window.

I took my dog for a walk in the park.
Notice how the italicized direct objects are receiving the action from the boldface
  • a proper noun

  • two or more words

  • an object pronoun

  • an article + a noun or noun phrase

  • an adjective + a noun

  • a prepositional phrase
Mom baked a pie. - pie is a direct object.
This time, we will let someone receive the pie. 
Mom baked Hannah a pie

indirect object using a proper noun

Mom baked Hannah and her friends a pie.

indirect object using two or more words

Mom baked her a pie.

indirect object using an object pronoun

Mom baked the girl a pie.

indirect object using an article + a noun

Mom baked the book club a pie. 

indirect object using an article + a noun or noun phrase

Mom baked her daughter a pie.

indirect object using an adjective + a noun

Mom baked a pie for the children.

indirect object using a prepositional phrase
We went to the store.

He sat with the dog.

The pictures are in a box.
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You can tell if a noun is a:
  • subject,

  • direct object,

  • indirect object, or an

  • object of a preposition
Subject:    The dog trotted home. -- dog tells what trotted home.

Direct object:   The girl saw the dog. -- dog tells what the girl saw.

Indirect Object:  The boy bought the dog a bone. -- the dog tells what received
                             the bone.

Object of a preposition:  The ball rolled to the dog. -- dog is the object of the                                                           prepositional phrase beginning with the preposition to.