Language Arts:  Participles - Lessons
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Lesson (A)

Type the past participles in the spaces provided. 
Lesson (B)

Type the present participles in the spaces provided. 
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Lesson (C)

Type the participial phrases in the spaces provided. 
1.  Jane enjoyed her frozen strawberry popsicle. 

2.  The newly painted house was the talk of the block.

3.  The fallen tree took up most of the space in the yard.

4.  Vera's cluttered closet seemed to swallow all of her clothes. 

5.   Joe spent the afternoon racking up the scattered leaves.

6.   Tommy loved his stuffed blue elephant.  
Susan loved the ringing bell on the front of her tricycle.

The shining stars glistened against the dark night sky.

The barking dog kept Dan awake all night.

The talking parrot was the highlight of the party.

Kathryn bought a new pink and orange jogging suit.

The gripping tale of the alien invasion drew quite a crowd.
1.  Everyone, sitting in the audience, enjoyed the show. 

2.  The bookstore located on Pine Street is no longer open for business.

3.  George's tooth, chipped from the hockey accident, needed to be repaired.

4.  Running down the steps, the boy tripped and fell.

5.  Vera, having earned the highest score, won the award.

6.  The pond frozen with ice was difficult to cross. 
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